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Wisconsin Hall of Fame

2019 Hall of Fame

Tom Raimer

HOF Director

As an organization, we recognize that many people in Wisconsin love softball and have a deep passion for playing, coaching, umpiring and volunteering.  Records have been broken.  Great stories and legends have been passed down from generation to generation.

It is our goal as we draft new classes for our State Hall of Fame to honor all types of involvement in the sport of softball in Wisconsin.

The original idea came from State Commissioner Aubery Olson back in 1976. Olson added former Hall of Fame Chairman, Roger Regez to his staff as State Historian. Regez took over as State Commissioner in 1980 but the Hall of Fame did not function as a reality until 1984 when State Commissioner David Markow organized the first banquet in Milwaukee.
The first nominations to the Wisconsin ASA Hall of Fame were made in Wautoma, Wisconsin on March 24, 1984. Hall of Fame Chairman, Roger Regez nominated Bill Pecknick, a pitcher from Kenosha and Shirley Martin, a player/manager from Milwaukee for the Hall of Fame. Jerry Proft of Melrose was nominated for the Hall of Honor. The Membership Council voted unanimously to accept the nominations. Milwaukee would be the site of the first Hall of Fame Banquet. History was made. The dream of State Commissioner David Markow came true. Shirley Martin was the first person inducted in the WASA Hall of Fame.


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